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If I ever felt that the sky was shining very far from humanity and the voice of God was an echo which was no longer heard upon earth after the prophets and Christ, in the Temple of Light and Wisdom Om One God, I was happy again because I recovered the light of true Heaven upon earth and I was able to listen to, not the echo, but the real and vibrant verb of the Holy Spirit, pouring light and wisdom to humankind in this century.


My life has become the inspiration, the strength and divine wisdom of my spiritual fathers Isis and Osiris.  Their divine breath of grace and love bless myself, awaken me towards a new life of light where I learn the New Atlantis Culture.  They have given me the keys for the self-discovering and the self-realization.  With them and my lovely consort Yanimananda, we are gestating the new generation in our baby girl of pure light.


If there is a unique and real process, striving to elevate the human path to higher realms of evolution, it is the process of Isis and Osiris. The whole universe is marveled with them, because they  made possible the ereodimensional passage towards the perfection of the spirit, allowing the cosmos to unify itself as God the Father, Christ as Son and Holy Spirit as One, incarnating again upon earth, to help human beings to realize a more perfect life, full of peace, harmony and plenitude in perfection.


God has given me the grace of experiencing the origins of this great and magisterial path upon earth, whose directors and originators are Isis and Osiris. Both of them chosen, signed and enlightened by the Holy Spirit to develop this great path of great transition for humankind, following the designs that God has assigned to them, emanating the essentiality of their eternal wisdom.


My spiritual Parents isis and Osiris are the most sublime and loving presence of God upon earth. The incarnate the perfection of their light, their wisdom, their justice and their love. !How proud I feel for being their daughter!.


My parents Isis and Osiris have been the perfect complement for all the lacks existing in my being.. Thanks to their immense light of love and wisdom, I as their spiritual son, found the energy of support to be able to live with equilibrium this life we have to live.


In 1996 I traveled to India, as a translator with Mother Isis and Father Osiris in a mission from the West to the East. It was an extraordinary and surprising experience, because I understood that in that country, they were recognized for their vibration as masters of Light. They conveyed visionary and contemporary messages which surpassed and enriched the ancestral vision of the east.  India being nourished spiritually by Latin America? It sounds strange, but it is a fact.


I elevate my heart to God in order to transmit my process with my spiritual parents, who have helped me to construct my inner self. They have shared with me, unforgettable moments. I was their daughter in previous lives and in this present moment they are part of my life. They helped me to transform my subtle bodies and to feel Love.


They signify the most important encounter in my life, through the wisdom they received from the masters of light and wisdom. What is most essential is that this wisdom is already incarnated in them. In this way they represent the incarnation of Love and Justice, and I have been able to make deep changes in my life. I can say today that I see in them, oneness itself, the unity of the Gods Isis and Osiris and this oneness is helping me to construct myself.


Meeting with my Spiritual Parents was very subtle, not physical. A meeting that gave me the certainty of them as Masters… only such deep and divine Beings would be able to know the human soul, the bodies and the history of the universe with such truthfulness. By recognizing them later as Spiritual Parents I found the most perfect manifestation of Justice and Love, and my most beloved dream made real, to be ONE with the other.


I always looked for the hugs of mother Isis, but to express this hug in a paper would be impossible. Imagine an infinite number of universes embracing you and even so my mind does not have words to describe them. In this moment a tear of joy runs down my face and I can state with certainty, that I know two beings in one, perfect in love and justice.


From the first encounter with Mother Isis I felt a strong vibration in my hands and forehead. I received from her the revelation of part of my mission as a healer. From then onwards, Isis and Osiris have worked with me intensively to awaken all the wisdom in my spirit. Now I work with healing therapies and workshops as a part of the New Culture.


Real, natural, simple and eternal:

They flow with intensity in every single particle of my essential energy and my integral being. They vibrate every instant in this heart! And above all we hold the loving bond of unity, which makes us one, yesterday…today…always…and forever!

When I am close to them I can feel inside of me their universal love and light. When I am in a situation which I do not know how to handle, I think how they would handle it and that is an inspiration for myself and a good example to follow; since they live in a perfect state of peace and that is what I want for my life.


Since I arrived to this path I tuned in right away. I felt there was something special in this family. My spiritual parents Isis and Osiris have guided me with patience. They have given me an example of surrender, of love; they have walked together, leaving behind footprints for whoever recognizes and follows them. Today I recognize them in my new eternal heart, as the originators of this New Culture which is being born upon earth as a light for humankind.


The greatest work of love and justice of our times is constituted in these two beings and only one heart. Isis and Osiris, the perfect blending of wisdom are the basis of the new cultural paradigm. To dive in the depths of their consciousness and practical messages of life, allows us to vibrate the greatest joy which will never be removed, not even with the most critical events in our lives.



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